we build great software-based products and services to solve hard and valuable problems.


Who we are?

We are proven entrepreneurs and tech veterans with a strong passion for solving hard and valuable problems with great software.

  • Henning Lange
    Founding Partner

    Henning is an entrepreneur, angel investor, visionary, rainmaker, number cruncher, and sportsman you'll like to have a chat with. He loves to learn and get things done.

  • Oliver Thylmann
    Founding Partner

    Oliver is a father, serial entrepreneur, developer whisperer, geek, and mobile junkie. He loves supporting people that want to go to where the puck is going to be.

  • Timo Derstappen
    Founding Partner

    Timo is dedicated to "create, hack, make". He builds scalable, automated applications and infrastructure. A self admitted programming language, music and sports addict.

  • Stephan Zeissler

    Stephan - as well as having an amazing beard - rebuilt Google Wave just for the fun of it. He's language agnostic and pragmatic in building what is needed to get to the desired solution.

  • Tim Schindler

    Tim likes to change things. He is addicted to beautiful software, sports and crazy ideas. Formerly part of the A-Team, he gets the job done.

  • Matthias Luebken
    The product development guy

    Matthias is passionate about building great products with great people and teams in great companies. He is an agile and lean software development veteran and solves every problem with post-its.

  • Anna Löw
    HR Coach

    Anna's profession are people, their relations and interactions in a working environment. She listens first and focuses on finding simple HR & Organizational solutions you trust. Beside: backpacking, books, ballgames.


What we do?

We are here to help you build better, learn leaner and grow faster to bring your new product vision to market.

Idea Generation
Idea Generation

We are enterpreneurial minds. Show us your challenges and we will help you find a solution for your digital future.

Product Management
Product Management

We help you creating something valuable, usable and feasible from the getgo and stay that way while growing.

Software Development
Software Development

We build highly reliable and scalable software in a rapid development fashion with small iterations giving you problem/solution fit at reduced costs.


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